Broadcast live on our station 1/18/21 @ 7pm

WAKE - "Polaroid" from "Polaroid"
Stuyvesant - "Without" from "Crow"
Skytop Motel - "Vacancy" from "No Vacancy"
Val Emmich - "Mofo" from "Mean"
Cyborg Amok - "(Still) Too Far Out" from "Too"
Dr. Void & The Death Machines - "Forever Lost" from "The Demon Core: Essential Components of a Death Machine"
Melissa Cherie - "No Made Promises" from "No Made Promises [single]"
Louis T. Delia - "Withered" from "Human Error"
Fox Teeth - "Yellow Houses" from "Tite!"
Boy vs. Ghost - "Weekend Knees" from "return trip to the moon (EP)"
The View From Here - "All I'm Losing Is Me" from "True State Presents: "Forever Who We Are" a tribute to Saves the Day"
Hello Whirled - "New Year" from "EP1: New Year"
Kyle Handler - "Deep Rooted" from "Spaceyy"
shut up, madison - "friendship" from "on the roof"
Mind Your Manners - "Endless Light" from "Missouri"
Tom Kanach - "Girl From Outer Space" from "Change EP"
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