Broadcast live on our station 1/12/21 @ 7pm

Gross Tapes - "New Nowhere" from "2020 Gets Cancelled: A Benefit for Catherine Wacha"
Red Sammy - "Punks, Geeks, Freaks" from "That Raging Heart"
E.G. Palermo - "Lyra, Dear" from "Lyra, Dear / Look Outside"
UgLi - "Superball" from "Superball [single]"
Come Closer - "Get It Wrong" from "Get It Wrong [single]"
Cock Sparrer - "Marching Onwards" from "For Family and Flag Vol. 1"
Divided Heaven - "Baby In The Band" from "Baby In The Band [single]"
Harry the Nightgown - "Tough Love" from "Harry the Nightgown"
Waltzer - "I Don't Wanna Die" from "Time Traveller"
James Booth & The Return - "The Ocean Between Us" from "Songs From A Doll's House"
Oberon Rose - "Miss Lonely Heart" from "Holographic Blues"
The Luka State - "Feel It" from "Feel It [single]"
Rick Sal - "Rest Stop" from "Six Feet Under The Sun"
Matt Collaborate - "Tommy and Matti" from "Tommy and Matti [single]"
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