Broadcast live on our station 1/4/21 @ 7pm

Joe Billy - "Anchor" from "2020 Gets Cancelled: A Benefit for Catherine Wacha"
Jerry, at the Beach - "Mother Teresa" from "JAGERBOMB"
twomoonsaway - "fall" from "twomoonsaway - EP"
Chiba Neko - "Not Your Fault" from "Chiba Neko, Greatest Hits"
Fruit Dawg - "I Heart U Carol" from "Smile Alley"
J Thoubbs - "New Life" from "New Life EP"
crowded shoulders - "I Deal" from "I Deal [single]"
Christian Beach - "Missing Link" from "Basement Noise"
Val Emmich - "Get Up" from "Mean"
Jason Didner - "Because I'm Grateful" from "Because I'm Grateful [single]"
stillhungry - "Richmond" from "Richmond"
Uncle Einar - "We'll Just Have To" from "Untitled"
Bacon Hammer - "The Great Conjunction" from "The Great Conjunction [single]"
Brian Hartt - "The Late, Great Duncan mac Crinain" from "A Better Year"
Brett Altman - "Holding On To Now" from "Holding On To Now [single]"
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