Broadcast live on our station 12/22/20 @ 7pm

Paul McCartney - "Lavatory Lil" from "McCartney III"
All Souls - "Bleeding Out" from "Songs For The End Of The World"
Kulick - "Rope" from "Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood"
Star Harbor - "Little Gunpowder Falls" from "The Sun, The Moon, & The Open Road"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "The Fisherman & The Sea (Production Demo)" from "The Fisherman & The Sea [single]"
A Certain Ratio - "Always In Love" from "ACR Loco"
Cold Wrecks & Warren Britt - "Panicking (Remix)" from "Panicking (Remix) [single]"
Pete Ellman - "High Speed Pursuit" from "For Pete's Sake"
Celeste Krishna & Monarchs - "Tides" from "My Blue House"
State To State - "Bye Bye" from "Bye Bye [single]"
Aesop Rock - "Gauze" from "Spirit World Field Guide"
Simon McBride - "Dead In The Water" from "Trouble"
Ihsahn - "Spectre At The Feast" from "Pharos"
Thin Lear - "Maniacs" from "Wooden Cave"
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