Broadcast live on our station 12/14/20 @ 8pm (*Special Day & Time*)

Band Of Silver - "Always" from "Always [EP]"
Divided/Heaven - "Home For The Summer" from "Cold War"
Tom Kanach - "Miss Take" from "Change EP"
Moscow Apartment - "18 (Thieves Like Us remix)" from "18 (Thieves Like Us remix) [single]"
Tia Gostelow - "Blink" from "Chrysalis"
Artic Monkeys - "Arabella (Live)" from "Live At The Royal Albert Hall"
Tom Sanders - "Little Human" from "Only Magic"
Christo Graham - "Lucky Me" from "Turnin'"
Junior Mesa - "Losing My Grip" from "Losing My Grip [single]"
Cold Wrecks - "Apologies" from "Apologies"
Joe Normal - "Living In The Borough" from "Living In The Borough [single]"
Lesibu Grand - "Hot Glue Gun" from "Hot Glue Gun [single]"
Beau Dega - "Anyone Anyway" from "Oof"
The Last - "Snake In The Grass" from "Look Again"
Less Than Jake - "The Test" from "Silver Linings"
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