Broadcast live on our station 12/8/20 @ 7pm

Devon Kay & The Solution - "A Little Bit" from "A Little Bit [single]"
Abacus Rings - "Back at School" from "Sprout"
Blesson Roy - "Waterfall Drops" from "Think Like Spring"
Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown - "Coastin'" from "Pressure"
Oberon Rose - "Demoniac" from "Demoniac [single]"
theLINE - "Strange Modesty II" from "Sour To Punker"
The Cribs - "Under The Bus Station Clock" from "Night Network"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Life In The Service Of Others (Live on the Tube!)" from "Life In The Service Of Others (Live on the Tube!) [single]"
Floorbird - "Navy Blue" from "Fall Apart Anywhere"
Femi Kuti - "Pa Pa Pa" from "Stop The Hate"
Liebman / Brecker / Copland - "Off A Bird" from "QUINT5T"
Gorillaz - "Strange Timez" from "Song Machine: Season One - Strange Timez"
Benjamin Lazar Davis - "What If I" from "What If I?"
The Smashing Pumpkins - "Wrath" from "CYR"
Goings - "Algorithm" from "It's Going For You"
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