Broadcast live on our station 12/7/20 @ 7pm

Gina Royale - "Mr. Lennon" from "Mr. Lennon [single]"
Holistic Medicine Project - "Bubble (demo)" Bubble (demo) [single]"
Kay Roman - "Alina" from "Alina [single]"
J Thoubbs - "Nickels & Dimes" from "Positivity Quest (Deluxe Edition)"
Quinn Kennedy - "Aphrodite" from "Aphrodite [single]"
Shotgun Bill - "Sunny Side" from "Shotgun Bill with the Tango Kid "Quarantined""
The Random Hubiak Band - "It's Cold Out" from "It's Cold Out [single]"
The Gattsville Creeper - "Lips Lie" from "Smiling In The Dark"
Healey - "Party-Goer-Blues" from "Going"
The Mayor of Bad News - "At the Foot of a Finger Lake" from "Coast to Coast"
Sinking Submarines - "Belly Breaths (Please Be Mine)" from "THIS CASSETTE GIVES ME FLASHBACKS!!"
KPC - "Inside" from "Inside ep"
Top Tier Shit Beer - "Most Destructive Most Absolute" from "Coasterphobia"
Hello Whirled - "Forever Mine" from "Falling Short Of Heaven"
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