Broadcast live on our station 12/1/20 @ 7pm

Dead Poet Society - ".CoDA." from ".CoDA. [single]"
NOI!SE - "Base Rage On The Front Page" from "Base Rage On The Front Page [single]"
Parquet Courts - "Hey Bug" from "Hey Bug [single]"
Strung Like A Horse - "Fuck What They Think" from "WHOA!"
Bendrix Littleton - "Clark" from "Deep Dark South"
J.E. Sunde - "Sunset Strip" from "9 Songs About Love"
Josh King - "Side By Side" from "The Shed"
Fuzz - "Nothing People" from "III"
KULE - "Lose Everything" from "Keep Up, Lose Everything"
Alex Maas - "Been Struggling" from "Luca"
Jocelyn Mackenzie - "Better" from "The PUSH"
Ben Reel - "2020 Vision" from "2020 Vision [single]"
Elle Belle - "Everyone Knows" from "Post Everything"
Soft Kill - "Wanting War" from "Dead Kids, R.I.P. City"
Chubby and the Gang - "Blue Ain't My Colour" from "Speed Kills"
Home Is West - "Eight Seconds" from "Here and Now [EP]"
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