Broadcast live on our station 11/30/20 @ 7pm

Skytop Motel - "Princess" from "Princess [single]"
Kirby - "Doing the Same Thing in a Different Way" from "Doing the Same Thing in a Different Way"
Jonathan Tea - "Chased By Drones" from "Chased By Drones [single]"
Troll Teeth - "Sword Of Progress" from "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing"
Laree Cisco - "I Could Have Told You (That This Wouldn't End Well)" from "Laree's Greatest Hits"
Fairmont - "Strange Tourist" from "Liminal Spaces"
Young Legs - "theme from lost valley" from "songs from lost valley"
Donnie Law - "Please Don't Break My Heart" from "Echoes"
ManDancing - "Pancakes (Who Loves Who Most)" from "The Good Sweat"
Jeff Linden - "Bath Bombs & Whiskey" from "Sad Bastard: Tokyo Drift"
Defend Dogwood - "Living In The Shadow" from "Living In That Shadow"
Julian Cartwright - "Here We Go" from "Timeless Days"
Barefeet - "Beach Bum" from "Surf Songs"
bunk beds. - "Violet (Demo)" from "EP (Demos)"
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