Broadcast live on our station 11/9/20 @ 7pm

Kevin Grace - "Paradox" from "Paradox [single]"
Sink Tapes - "Lazy In Love" from "Lazy In Love [single]"
DownTown Mystic - "I Just Want To Love You" from "Used Records History 1979-1985"
Commons 2 - "Number One" from "Number One [single]"
Crowded Shoulders - "White Owl" from "Spectacle"
Shelly Verden - "Oh, I Love Ya!" from "Dining With The Devil"
By Torchlight - "The Long Ride" from "The Long Ride"
hyperturf - "If I Were A Burger" from "Halloween 2020"
Krutchy - "diluted" from "Wake Up!!! We're All Dead"
Green Knuckle Material - "Tired of the Lies" from "Tired of the Lies [single]"
ILL-ADVISED - "When Instinct Fails" from "Lisieux II: Eveil - The Hidden Years"
breaking character - "dude weed bro" from "2012"
Autumn's Journey - "One Last Text (Demo)" from "Lost (demo)"
Possum in my Room - "pearl" from "floorboards"
50Ft Furies - "Get Loud" from "Miss America President"
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