Broadcast live on our station 10/12/20 @ 7pm

The BAR - "Don't You Want To Get To Know Her Better" from "The BAR"
Purple Apples - "Deadhead Bean" from "Evil Science"
Dw Dunphy - "Things We Say" from "Things We Say [single]"
DDA - "Touchpoints" from "Touchpoints [single]"
Donnie Aarons - "Jelly (ft. PuddingBrainsz)" from "The Egg and I"
Shelly Verden - "The Invisible Man" from "Dining With The Devil"
Charles Only - "Time (This Is Fine)" from "One Eighty Four"
9fm - "Second Blush" from "One For The Benders"
Sunblossom - "Big Machine" from "Ambrosia"
Pelican Daughter - "Alright Okay" from "Tracks (2015-2016)"
Squat! - "White Caps" from "Perfect Break"
Infinity Rat - "Do Not Move (demo)" from "q demos vol. 2"
Morningside Lane - "Lucky" from "These Are Our Years"
significantly. - "Shades Of Blue" from "Rose Tinted Bones"
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