Broadcast live on our station 10/5/20 @ 7pm

Pete Jager - "Wake Up" from "CHALLENGE VOL III"
Lost In Society - "Hell" from "Love And War"
Supermutt - "Ain't So Kind" from "Ain't So Kind [single]"
Bern & The Brights - "Peace, Love, Equality, Justice" from "Peace, Love, Equality, Justice [single]"
50ft Furies - "Goodbye Patriarchy" from "Miss America President"
Painters - "Fucked In The Head" from "Fucked In The Head [single]"
Beekeeper - "Time To Go" from "Rooftop Session"
courtlyn louise - "Floating By (outdoor session)" from "Floating By (outdoor session) [single]"
Killer Shrimp - "Big Blue" from " Killer Shrimp Live Session 8/22"
Bruce Tunkel - "It's All About Me" from "American Patriot"
Sean Henry Tonight! - "Poor Emily (Single Mix)" from "Poor Emily [single]"
Don Ryan - "King Of The Clowns" from "Warwalking Part Two"
Hello Whirled - "Follow The Locust" from "For Your Information"
The Red And The Black - "Burn It Down" from "Burn It Down"
The Fakes - "It's All Over" from "The Fakes"
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