Broadcast live on our station 9/29/20 @ 7pm

Big Mother Gig - "Nametag (Live at Resident LA 9-13-17)" from "Banding Together 2020 Compilation"
Attic Salt - "Undiscovered" from "Get Wise"
Bob Mould - "Next Generation" from "Blue Hearts"
Sean Marshall - "Traveler" from "Traveler [single]"
Jeff Tweedy - "Guess Again" from "Love Is The King"
Gord Downie - "Useless Nights" from "Away Is Mine"
Lucid By Midnight - "Confession" from "Confession [single]"
Ruthless Cosmopolitans - "The Screen Age" from "Ruthless"
Time Thieves - "Road" from "Space"
Fleet Foxes - "Sunblind" from "Shore"
Riddim Doctors - "Lana Dewa (Clear The Way)" from "OPE (Gratitude)"
Will Butler - "Close My Eyes" from "Generations"
The Mountain Goats - "Get Famous" from "Getting Into Knives"
Ways Away - "Savannah" from "Ways Away"
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