Broadcast live on our station 9/28/20 @ 7pm

Bruce Tunkel - "Time To Take Action (Alternate Outtake)" from "Banding Together 2020 Compilation"
Laree Cisco - "Who's Gonna Keep The Lights On When We're Gone?" from "Who's Gonna Keep The Lights On When We're Gone? [single]"
Fairmont - "Automatic Girls" from "High Water Mark Single"
Brianna Musco - "Never Stay" from "Never Stay [single]"
Boxcar Hex - "Ask Yourself" from "Funkadopey"
Alex Julia - "What's Goin On (feat. JEAN)" from "Better Part Of Me"
Ezra Caspi - "Mice In The Sound Hole" from "Recent Nostalgia"
The Front Bottoms - "Make Way" from "In Sickness & In Flames"
Vincent Brue - "I'm Aware I'm A Warewolf" from "BRUTOPIA RISING"
Julian Cartwright - "Seems Like Safety, Seems Like Success" from "Smash The Music Down"
a.dan - "Athena" from "Not the Slightest"
crowded shoulders - "No Mystery" from "Spectacle"
Healey - "Gus" from "Cats"
millerne - "i love you bruno powroznik" from "i love you bruno powroznik [single]"
Chris Tiedemann - "Fight" from "Nightlight Deluxe Edition"
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