Broadcast live on our station 9/22/20 @ 7pm

Doves - "I Will Not Hide" from "The Universal Want"
Fenne Lily - "Alapathy" from "Alapathy [single]"
E.R.I.E. - "Doubt" from "Don't Wanna Live, Don't Wanna Die"
Resistance Revival Chorus - "This Joy" from "This Joy [single]"
Sa-Roc - "r(E)volution" from "r(E)volution [single]"
Noga Erez - "You So Done" from "You So Done [single]"
Elvin Bishop & Charlie Musselwhite - "What The Hell" from "100 Years Of Blues"
Robert Francis + The End Times - "Built To Last" from "Vol. 1"
This Frontier Needs Heroes - "Go With The Flow" from "Go With The Flow [single]"
Low Cut Connie - "Help Me" from "Help Me [single]"
Greg Puciato - "Down When I'm Not" from "Down When I'm Not [single]"
Eric Johanson - "Nowhere To Go" from "Below Sea Level"
King Youngblood - "Opaque" from "Opaque [single]"
Tokyo Motor Fist - "Youngblood" from "Lions"
Muck and the Mires - "Hey Sunshine" from "Take Me Back To Planet Earth"
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