Broadcast live on our station 9/21/20 @ 7pm

Teenage Halloween - "Figwit" from "Teenage Halloween"
a.dan - "After Burner" from "Not the Slightest"
Mark Parker - "My Eyes Are Dry" from "Extra Credit"
Caffeine Eyes - "Oh Well, Whatever" from "Oh Well, Whatever [single]"
Morningside Lane - "The Lighter Side" from "These Are Our Years"
Laree Cisco - "A Place Where I Belong" from "A Place Where I Belong [single]"
J Thoubbs - "Daylight" from "25th Anniversary Special"
Reagan Rogers - "Monkeys In Love" from "Monkeys In Love"
Boxcar Hex - "Prayed To The Moon" from "Prayed To The Moon [single]"
Sean Connolly - "Wind Me Up" from "Whale Songs"
five dollar day - "The Fourth of July" from "Beautiful Things"
Jonertots - "bedhead" from "solipsis"
Trent Carr - "Buddy Valens" from "Bad Contact EP"
holy ripple - "gold and smoke" from "holy ripple"
Trying Our Best - "Lying Our Best" from "Lying Our Best [single]"
50ft Furies - "Rape Slayer" from "Miss America President"
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