Broadcast live on our station 9/14/20 @ 7pm

Blue Vervain - "American" from "American [single]"
Brian Erickson - "Little Secrets" from "Little Secrets"
Mike Daly & The Planets - "Falling Out Of Love Song" from "Falling Out Of Love Song [single]"
Slum & The Distant Eggs - "Knock Me Down" from "Social Mixstancing"
Pat Veil - "I On U" from "I On U [single]"
What A Drag - "Half Man Half Werewolf" from "EP"
Dylan Coverdale - "For Long Enough" from "What You Give"
Greg McGarvey - "Here In The Future" from "Count The Colors"
John Feuerbach - "Thunderfoot" from "Thunderfoot [single]"
Rob Lives - "Ain't No Son" from "Ain't No Son [single]"
Vincent Brue - "Reason Or Rhyme" from "Brutopia Rising"
Skinny Rat - "It's the Weekend" from "American Standard"
The Red Room - "Joke in Utopia" from "Live from Be Sharp Guitars (Bootleg)"
Maggie W - "235" from "The Mush Room II"
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