Broadcast live on our station 9/8/20 @ 7pm

The Campbell Apartment - "You Winsome, You Loathesome" from "Curmudgeon"
Kill Lincoln - "Who Am I This Time" from "Can't Complain"
Only Sibling - "My Violet" from "Get Well Soon"
The Avett Brothers - "I Should've Spent The Day With My Family" from "The Third Gleam"
The Fisherman & The Sea - "Beggar Princess (Original Mix)" from "Beggar Princess (Original Mix) [single]"
Kid Dad - "A Prison Unseen" from "In A Box"
Owen - "A New Muse" from "The Avalanche"
Mt. Wolf - "Anna Maria" from "Anna Maria [single]"
My Morning Jacket - "Still Thinkin" from "The Waterfall II"
Hey, King! - "Don't Let Me Get Away" from "Be Still [EP]"
Hannah Georgas - "Just A Phase" from "All That Emotion"
NYSSA - "Misty Morning" from "Girls Like Me"
Land Of Talk - "A/B Futures" from "Indistinct Conversations"
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