Broadcast live on our station 9/7/20 @ 7pm

Lost In Society - "We Want Change" from "Love And War"
Jason Michael - "October 1st" from "Creaser"
50ft Furies - "Charlottesville" from "Miss America President"
Sonofdov - "Satellites" from "Harbor Community Sessions Vol. 1"
The Cryptkeeper Five - "Little Angel Vs. The Lost Faith Kids" from "Little Angel Vs. The Lost Faith Kids [single]"
Ziggy Grover - "The Reluctant Dragon" from "Rippling The Waters"
Jag One - "Panickin' Mannequin" from "Season of Nostalgia"
Autumn's Journey - "Facade" from "Solitude"
Still Ghost - "Look Up" from "Look Up [single]"
crowded shoulders - "the runner" from "spectacle"
Sinking Submarines - "This Don't Feel Like Home" from "This Don't Feel Like Home [single]"
Steam Enginess - "Moon" from "The Will and the Word"
Karim - "Layer(s)" from "Layer(s) [single]"
The Happy Fits - "She Wants Me (To Be Loved)" from "What Could Be Better"
Morningside Lane - "My Only Curse" from "These Are Our Years"
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