Broadcast live on our station 9/1/20 @ 7pm

Devon Kay & the Solutions - "Less Talk, Less Rock" from "Limited Joy"
Delta Spirit - "The Pressure" from "What Is There"
Bloxx - "5000 Miles" from "Lie Out Loud"
Annie Dressner - "Nyack" from "Coffee At The Corner Bar"
Mossy Kilcher - "Rainfall" from "Northwind Calling"
White Tail Falls - "Age of Entitlement" from "Age of Entitlement"
Blaqk Audio - "I'm Coming Over" from "Beneath The Black Palms"
Remo Drive - "Dead Man" from "A Portrait of an Ugly Man"
Ultra Major - "Picture Perfect" from "Picture Perfect [single]"
Zero 7 - "Shadows" from "Shadows [single]"
Alex Kapranos & Clara Luciani - "Summer Wine (Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood cover)" from "Summer Wine [single]"
Victor Wainwright & The Train - "Disappear" from "Memphis Loud"
The Nix - "Shoemonk (feat. Vula Malinga)" from "Sausage Studio Sessions"
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