Broadcast live on our station 8/24/20 @ 7pm

Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "You Don't Have To Be Holy (You Just Have To Be Kind)" from "You Don't Have To Be Holy (You Just Have To Be Kind) [single]"
Solo For Dolo + Tru Mentillz - "Nothings Alright" from "Nothings Alright [single]"
JCee47 - "Run Away Kid" from "Run Away Kid"
Greg McGarvey - "Something So Beautiful" from "Count The Colors"
R.G. Evans - "Could've Been The Stars" from "Could've Been The Stars [single]"
Liquidation - "Puzzle" from "Ghost Town"
Sink Tapes - "Kisses For Richard" from "Kisses For Richard [single]"
The Milwaukees - "Burn & Shame" from "The Calling"
Louis T. Delia - "An End To An End" from "it will all make sense one day"
Ehret - "Stuck In Seeds" from "Stuck In Seeds [single]"
Commons 2 - "Runaway" from "Runaway [single]"
AMZOT - "Yours Truly" from "Home"
Glenn Brennan - "Last Cup Blues (Feat. Squid Pete)" from "Last Cup Blues [single]"
Transistor 21 - "Demons From Mars" from "Demons From Mars"
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