Broadcast live on our station 8/3/20 @ 7pm

Shades Apart - "Thread" from "Eternal Echo"
Dead Fish Handshake - "No One's Island" from "Lies...And All That Jazz"
Rogue Soul - "Rainkissed" from "Defense Mechanisms"
The BAR - "Katie's Shoes" from "The BAR"
The Night Owls - "Lie To Me" from "Second Wind"
Ada - "Minus - Trust Yourself" from "Eat The Ticket"
AFTYN - "Baby" from "Baby"
Jacob Mathews - "Can Love Ever Be Beat" from "Can Love Ever Be Beat [single]"
Hot Gospel - "WISH" from "WISH [single]"
Sean Faust - "Who Are You Anyway?" from "Who Are You Anyway? [single]"
The Smithereens - "Love Me Do" from "Love Me Do / P.S. I Love You"
Radar & Satellite - "Going To Mars" from "Slapshot!"
The Trust Fund Kids - "Swiping Right" from "Swiping Right [single]"
Delcada - "The Warmth Of Sin" from "The Warmth Of Sin [single]"
Hides A Well - "Ten Of Vessels" from "Quarantine Demos"
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