Broadcast live on our station 7/13/20 @ 7pm

Jason Michael - "This Town" from "I'll Love You Like GG Allin Would"
The Vansaders - "Walking Between Raindrops" from "Walking Between Raindrops [single]"
Vanilla Coke - "I Won't Say Anything Until I'm Dead" from "Summer Grays"
June and the Pushas - "Legacy" from "The Art Of Navigation"
Solo For Dolo - "Lanes" from "Lanes [single]"
Grasser - "Not The Same" from "Get Real, Quick!"
City Line - "Big Days" from "Bright Lights and Flying Colors"
Dan Ex Machina - "Admit" from "My Wife"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Terrified" from "Terrified [single]"
Cook Thugless - "Bad Luck" from "Yikes"
Serious Matters - "Night Terrors" from "Mistaking Wasps For Dragonflies"
KLH - "Triggers and Causes" from "Behavioral Patterns"
Autumn's Journey - "Weighted Memories" from "Glass Houses (Demo)"
Louvena The Scout - "Oregon's Quake (remastered)" from "Oregon's Quake (remastered) [single]"
abby kenna - "Sober & Blind" from "From the Bathroom Floor"
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