Broadcast live on our station 7/7/20 @ 7pm

The Perfumers - "Automatic Girl" from "Automatic Girl [single]"
Territories - "Quit This City" from "When The Day Is Done"
High Waisted - "Giving Up" from "Sick Of Saying Sorry"
Angel Leiser - "Someone Else's World" from "Demos For A Difference"
Hannah Georgas - "Dreams" from "All That Emotion"
Limousine Beach - "Stealin' Wine" from "Stealin' Wine [single]"
Smallpox - "Well-Enough" from "...For A Girl"
Commonwealth Choir - "Light" from "No End"
Intercooler - "See The Wind Blow" from "Read The Room"
Public Enemy - "State Of The Union (STFU)" from "State Of The Union (STFU) [single]"
IDLES - "Grounds" from "Grounds [single]"
The Lawrence Arms - "Last Last Words" from "Last Last Words [single]"
Coo & Howl - "Bloody Ghost" from "Wires Fly Wild"
Jay Ezekiel - "Peace (Still Searching)" from "Stars Watching Sunsets"
Katie Malco - "Animal" from "Failures"
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