Broadcast live on our station 7/6/20 @ 7pm

Juniper - "Punk Rock Boy" from "Juniper"
Pioneer Brain - "Arrogant Bastard" from "Bonesaw is Ready! Vol. I"
Pollyanna - "I Promise, I'm Lying" from "Clubhouse Pride"
Sean Faust - "Happy Song" from "Happy Song"
Aidan Jack Finnecy - "Indie Trash" from "I don't care about what your saying, so shut the fuck up"
Bruce Tunkel - "Tumble And Dry" from "Us"
Jayne and the Legend - "Fire and Falling" from "Millionth Second Chance"
The Break Lights - "Forget Me" from "Forget Me [single]"
Jacob Mathews - "Outta The Band" from "Outta The Band [single]"
Scarlet Magnum - "everlast" from "everlast [single]"
abby kenna - "Black Coffee" from "Black Coffee"
Sinking Submarines - "Bad Chemistry" from "Pretending It Never Happened"
erase:rewind - "I May Not Have A Weapon, But At Least I Have A Song" from "two sides of the same coin"
Painters - "Friends Forget You (live)" from "Live"
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