Broadcast live on our station 6/30/20 @ 7pm

Elvis Costello - "No Flag" from "No Flag [single]"
Fantastic Negrito - "Chocolate Samurai" from "Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"
Catherine Wacha - "Lady Jane" from "About Girls"
Bad Cop/Bad Cop - "Certain Kind of Monster" from "The Ride"
NOi!SE - "Lost" from "Lost [single]"
Hockey Dad - "Good Eye" from "Brain Candy"
Disheveled Cuss - "Wanna Be My Friend" from "Disheveled Cuss"
Sundressed - "Oh Please" from "Oh Please [single]"
Semisonic - "You're Not Alone" from "You're Not Alone EP"
Cass McCombs & Steve Gunn - "Wild Mountain Thyme" from "Wild Mountain Thyme [single]"
Eric Bolander - "Magic Moon" from "Magic Moon [single]"
Josiah Johnson - "Nobody Knows" from "Every Feeling On A Loop"
Owen - "On With The Show" from "The Avalanche"
The Happy Fits - "Go Dumb" from "What Could Be Better"
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