Broadcast live on our station 6/24/20 @ 7pm

Bella Russo - "Talk Talk!" from "Must Be This Tall To Ride"
The Front Bottoms - "camouflage (Ukulele Version)" from "The Front Bottoms Ukulele Versions"
Pinelands - "Red Prairie Dawn" from "Sugar Sand"
zach chase - "moon(shine)" from "the lost & sound"
still the moment - "get together [the youngbloods]" from "get together [the youngbloods] [single]"
lightheaded - "Forget Him 2020 /w Conor" from "~~~"
Worst Sumo - "BLACK SQUARE" from "BLACK SQUARE [single]"
lavender sky - "kids in cages" from "new era of hate"
Infinity Rat - "Dismantling" from "q demos"
Cyborg Amok - " Dancing On The Floor Of The Sea Of Tranquility (2019)" from "The Order Of DisOrder"
a break in the fence - "a very strong bridge" from "a break in the fence"
Maraschino Cherry Tree - "Over yer head" from "DOGMILK"
TRANSISTOR 21 - "Summertime" from "Start Thinking!"
Steve Bello - "Climbing The Walls" from "Climbing The Walls [single]"
Can't Eat Ghosts - "My Brain Is Stupid" from "Panic Attackula X"
J Thoubbs - "Do You Feel Like You Deserve Love?" from "J Thoubbs Walks Away (Deluxe Edition)"
Skytop Motel - "Old Man" from "Old Man [single]"
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