Broadcast live on our station 6/15/20 @ 7pm

Fake Pockets - "Better" from "Magnolia Street"
Lily Vakili Band - "We Got Dreams" from "We Got Dreams [single]"
Empty City Squares - "Parmenides" from "Pamenides [single]"
The Successful Failures - "This Girl" from "Pack Up Your Shadows"
Andrew Nieporent - "Let Me Be Yours" from "W/ You in Rockland"
Mike Daly & The Planets - "This Is My Life" from "This Is My Life [single]"
Rogue Soul - "Sail To The Moon" from "Sail To The Moon [single]"
Wiser Time - "Worlds Collide" from "Worlds Collide EP"
Painters - "Surf Love" from "Non Linear"
The Talent Show Rejects - "The Ballad of Jack and Jill" from "Jack & Jill"
Hello Whirled - "People As Clocks" from "An Exercise In Self Control "
Can't Eat Ghosts - "Robots" from "Panic Attackula"
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