Broadcast live on our station 6/10/20 @ 7pm

The American Standard - "Jean Ralphio's Million Dollar Idea" from "Stations"
Taylor Shiroff - "Recast" from "May"
NOTHINGYET - "Coming Up Short" from "WHERE YOU LEFT ME"
orion lake - "february blood drive" from "LILY"
Rogue Soul - "Conversations With Ghosts" from "The Insomniac"
Austin Hart - "Lift" from "Will You Be My Ghost"
Somebody Club - "Villain's Cape" from "Somebody Club"
Colton Adams - "See Yourself" from "II"
Syntax Valley - "The Mirror" from "Yesterday's Garbage EP"
What A Drag - "Glued" from "Covidemo"
boxset - "jar" from "batch_six"
helenah - "by the time" from "just a little bit"
Nick Tomasello - "home again" from "Rosie EP"
Staten - "Eden" from "LILY"
Folk Humans - "zephyr" from "the swamp (demos)"
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