Broadcast live on our station 6/3/20 @ 7pm

Rockstar Racecar - "Created A Monster" from "Created A Monster [single]"
The Parlor Mob - "Gun In My Hand" from "Dark Hour"
Rogue Soul - "Battle Song" from "Relativity EP"
Lost Romance - "Face To Face" from "Strum It Again"
Driving Underwater - "On & On" from "Emotional Commitment"
GIN WAR - "Maryanne" from "Take Me With You"
Julian Cartwright - "No Way Through" from "Feel Love"
The Masterminds - "Friday" from "South of the Sun"
9fm - "Familiar Form" from "Familiar Form"
HelloImDylan! - "I Should Be Yours (And You Should Be Mine)" from "Happy Tears"
Defecting Grey - "AYR" from "Run Silent"
Minor Setback - "Certified Dirtbag" from "Did you get your Rabies shot?!"
Reese Van Riper - "Knives Out" from "Electric City"
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