Broadcast live on our station 6/2/20 @ 7pm

The Vicious Cycles - "Sandpaper" from "Sandpaper [single]"
Pottery - "Hot Heater" from "Welcome to Bobby's Motel"
IDLES - "Mr. Motivator" from "Mr. Motivator [single]"
Little Big Toe - "" from " [single]"
Song Sung - "Telling Tales" from "Telling Tales [single]"
Lionel Boy - "Lost" from "Lost [single]"
Intercooler - "Surfin'" from "Surfin' [single]"
Greer - "Aeroplane" from "Aeroplane [single]"
Loyal Lobos - "Whatever It Is" from "Everlasting"
Boy Scouts - "A World So Full Of Love" from "A World So Full Of Love [single]"
Jeff Mastroberti - "When The World Opens Up" from "When The World Opens Up [single]"
Lacey Williams - "Cut n' Curl" from "Cut n' Curl [single]"
Dig Nitty - "Starling" from "Reverse of Mastery"
Irie G - "Sharks Sink (feat. P. Tugz & G Dubb)" from "Sharks Sink [single]"
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