Broadcast live on our station 6/1/20 @ 7pm

Mark Parker - "Rock Star" from "Home Work"
Tommy Strazza - "Magic 8-Ball" from "Magic 8-Ball [single]"
Yawn Mower - "Earworm 2 The Sequel" from "Return of the Lentils"
Phavors - "Waste Time" from "Petals EP"
TrashCaptains - "Plague Season" from "Pandemic Love"
Teen Idle - "In The Morning" from "In The Morning [single]"
Via Ripa - "Fingertips" from "Via Ripa EP"
TabInStereo - "RevolvingDoor" from "frog holløw {demos}"
The Gattsville Creeper - "Montauk Monster" from "Montauk Monster"
Lost In Society - "Help!" from "Help! - EP"
J Thoubbs - "Mathrock for People Who Aren't Very Good at Math" from "J Thoubbs Brings the Heat"
Reese Van Riper - "Come To Me" from "Bourbon At The Lake EP"
The Bottom Most - "Where You Want Me" from "Burn"
Sean Faust - "Mussolini's Sister (The Adventure Soundtrack cover)" from "Mussolini's Sister (The Adventure Soundtrack cover) [Single]"
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