Broadcast live on our station 5/20/20 @ 7pm

erase:rewind - "If I were Into Hip Hop This Would Be a Battle Rhyme" from "Something Worth Dreaming Of"
$quib - "Tetragram for duties" from "$quib"
sour power crocodile tearz - "very edgy" from "very edgy"
Pat Phelan - "Aimee" from "Torn-to-Pieces-Hood"
Mike Herz - "Nadir" from "The Ultimate Boon"
Kev Daly - "Scriptures Of A Mad Man" from "Live From North Shore Woods"
Autumn's Journey - "Something Pt2 (demo)" from "Glass Houses (demo)"
beige monk - "sounds (& _______)" from "a recapturing of a dream in which..."
Ryan Grasso - "Run (Ft. EN Cameron and Big Ears Glenn)" from "Run (Ft. EN Cameron and Big Ears Glenn) [single]"
Robby Bloodshed - "Django" from "Django [single]"
Val Emmich - "Feel Anything" from "Let's Hope That Love's Enough"
Tony Appleseed - "Free Bird" from "Entropy"
The Public Universal Friend - "Lucid Dreaming (Single)" from "Lucid Dreaming (Single)"
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