Broadcast live on our station 5/18/20 @ 7pm

Hello Whirled - "Bitter Moon" from "Atlantic Witchcraft"
Paper Native - "Cut Me Down" from "Sunhaus"
Sink Tapes - "I Could've Missed" from "Curtains [single]"
Bike Routes - "double down (on twenty)" from "Virginia"
Vincent & The Noise - "Keep Me With You - Acoustic" from "EP 1 (Extras and Bonus Tracks)"
Dave & Tom - "Cherry" from "Cherry [single]"
Crazy & The Brains - "I Don't Deliver Pizza Anymore" from "Where The Juice Drips"
Joe Juliano - "Bad Guy [Billie Eilish cover]" from "Bad Guy [single]"
Civic Mimic - "Raised Beds" from "Domestic Wears"
The Random Hubiak - "The Land Of Plenty" from "The Land Of Plenty [single]"
Doug Hall - "Thanks For Being My Mom" from "Thanks For Being My Mom [single]"
Diego Allessandro - "Closer To You" from "Diego.FM"
Wizard Brain - "Alice" from "Comfort of my own home"
The Trust Fund Kids - "Hombre Loco/Hombre Loco" from "Hombre Loco/Hombre Loco [single]"
J Thoubbs - "Wormburner" from "J Thoubbs Learns to Crawl"
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