Broadcast live on our station 5/13/20 @ 7pm

Feeny - "Fading Away" from "Between The Bookends"
Barbwire Roses - "Sinking Stone" from "Sinking tone [single]"
Face For Radio - "Afternoons" from "Afternoons [single]"
Safety Scissors - "Hide And Seek Champion" from "Don't Count On It"
Nova Rylie - "Your Feelings are Confusing Me" from "EP I"
Cool and Good - "Pepperoanie" from "We Used to Talk About Pizza"
Black Mansions - "Don't Scream" from "Don't Scream [single]"
bean trees - "delusional" from "middle class castles"
millerne - "jesser and olivia" from "jesser and olivia [single]"
Taylor Shiroff - "Cast No Shadow" from "Northern Songs"
skylar pocket - "Never Going Home" from "Never Going Home"
Solo For Dolo - "BARNONE produced by Domingo" from "3 Piece n a Biscuit EP"
9fm - "First Blush" from "First Blush [single]"
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