Broadcast live on our station 5/12/20 @ 7pm

Doe Paoro & Misty Boyce - "The Clearing" from "The Clearing [single]"
Allegra Krieger - "Rot" from "Rot [single]"
Days N Daze - "Fast Track" from "Show Me The Blueprints."
Tijuana Panthers - "Pull The Chute" from "Pull The Chute"
Sorry Ghost - "Ampersands" from "The Morning After"
Low Cut Connie - "Private Lives" from "Private Lives [single]"
Satori vs. Dr. Echo - "Nowhere" from "Dub Defender Sessions"
JR JR - "Magic" from "August and Everything Prior"
Mountain Time - "Rosemary, Etc." from "Music For Looking Animals"
AWOLNATION - "Lightning Riders" from "Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders"
The Pack a.d. - "Kids" from "It Was Fun While It Lasted"
Archers Of Loaf - "Street Fighting Man [The Rolling Stone cover]" from "Street Fighting Man [single]"
The New Regime - "I'll Never Let You Let Me Down" from "Heart Mind Body & Soul"
Fontaines D.C. - "A Hero's Death" from "A Hero's Death [single]"
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