Broadcast live on our station 5/6/20 @ 7pm

Jason Michael - "You Look Like A Stagehand" from "Standard Fare Chaos"
State Highway - "Nassau Arms" from "Nassau Arms [single]"
John Feuerbach - "The Isolation Blues" from "The Isolation Blues b/w On A Miracle"
Gas Belle - "Like Them" from "Split (Maybe)"
Format War - "Good Morning" from "Demo"
Still Ghost - "Nervous Habits" from "Nervous Habits [single]"
Glenn Brennan - "Waffle" from "Secret Message EP"
Jug & The Bugs - "Double Life" from "Bug's Denial"
Jeremy Huhn - "To Myself, To You." from "To Myself, To You. [single]"
Christian Sparacio - "Baby Blue" from "F**K THE CORONAVIRUS!"
Jospeh Mancuso - "On Three (Part II)" from "Sketchbook For A Requiem [Experimental]"
still the moment - "Silence in the Waiting (Old School Piano Demo)" from "Ye Olde Piano Demos"
Canvass The Town - "Jeep Beach" from "On The Run"
Robert's Basement - "TAR" from "THIS MUSIC IS DEAD"
Rob Lives - "Black Dog Yodel" from "Black Dog Yodel [single]"
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