Broadcast live on our station 4/22/20 @ 7pm

False Flats - "Left Behind" from "It's Alive!"
Roulette - "Cataclysm" from "Cataclysm [single]"
Rezy Ross - "Insomnia" from "Gym For Hamsters"
Debra Devi - "Stay" from "A Zillion Stars Overhead"
Los Sientos - "I Don't Know" from "Los Sientos"
Keely Ella Sullivan - "An Apple a Day" from "Loner"
The Public Universal Friend - "Cercle de Silence (2020 Mix)" from "Cercle de Silence (2020 Mix) [single]"
Girl - "Copilot" from "Copilot [single]"
Deal Casino - "Just A Cow (Alternate Version)" from "Songs from Quarantine: A Compilation"
Dads - "New Pantera (Acoustic)" from "Leftovers for Relief"
Ping Pong Waterfall - "I Don't Know Where I'm Heading Too" from "Ping Pong Waterfall"
The Mayor of Bad News - "Local Programming" from "Local Programming [single]"
Don Ryan & The Blank Canvas Movement - "A Mechanical Profundity" from "Warwalking Part One"
Face For Radio - "Under My Skin" from "Under My Skin [single]"
Kellie-Anne - "Legacy" from "Legacy [single]"
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