Broadcast live on our station 4/13/20 @ 7pm

FRND CRCL - "Loose Cannon" from "Loose Cannon [single]"
Devil in the Belfry - "Drawing Flies" from "Devil in the Belfry"
Lost Romance - "Dopamine" from "Strum It Again"
Curtis Campbell - "Falling Stars" from "Falling Stars [single]"
Christian Beach - "No Use Writing A Song" from "Doublelife"
Roadside Graves - "Sit So Close" from "That's Why We're Running Away"
Sonofdov - "Fight or Flight" from "Battle Lines"
The Carousers - "Cracked Pot (Acoustic) [Live from The Monty Sessions]" from "The Carousers (Deluxe Edition)"
Melissa Cherie - "Losing Anything" from "Losing Anything [single]"
Modern Crowds - "No More Turning Back" from "No More Turning Back"
OK Mtty - "Not A Love Song" from "Deck Piece"
The Foxfires - "Don't Give Up" from "2019 Sampler"
Funeral Friend - "Cutting Oranges" from "Talking And Songs For Watching"
Joseph Alton Miller - "Long Monday (John Prine Cover)" from "Long Monday (John Prine Cover) [single]"
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