Broadcast live on our station 3/30/20 @ 7pm

Jim Mill - "One Way" from "Burnt Out"
Nude Shoes - "Billy's Here, Love, I've Got to Go" from "Billy's Here, Love, I've Got to Go [single]"
Radar & Satellite - "Gone and Ready" from "Gone and Ready [single]"
Honey Wild - "Don't Call Me Baby" from "EP"
Julian Cartwright - "One Last Shot" from "Feel Love"
Autumn's Journey - "Sorry" from "Nothing"
Gas Belle - "STFH" from "STFH [single]"
Pat Bilodeau - "the world is over" from "QUARANTINE sessions"
Holyveins - "Fix Myself (Acoustic)" from "Fix Myself (Acoustic) [single]"
Rob Lives - "Sterile Skies (Remix)" from "Sterile Skies (Remix) [Single]"
Transistor 21 - "The Bombastic Song That Nobody Heard Anyway" from "The Bombastic Song That Nobody Heard Anyway [single]"
Broken Heroes - "Into battle" from "THERE'S ISAAC (unreleased EP)"
By Torchlight - "The Watcher and The Damned" from "The Flames of the Phoenix, Pt. 1: The Fire Within"
Dump Weed - "Ridgemont Times At Fast High" from "Age Of Consent"
070 Phi - "10 Toes (prod. J Sebastian)" from "My Father's Gun"
The Public Universal Friend - "A Ghost At Home (2020 Mix)" from "A Ghost At Home (2020 Mix) [single]"
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