Broadcast live on our station 3/23/20 @ 7pm

Reese Van Riper - "Electric City" from "Electric City"
Pat Veil - "The Stand [The Alarm cover]" from "The Stand [single]"
Graduation Speech - "Quarantine & Me" from "Days Indoor"
The Outcrops - "Peace Of Mind" from "Peace Of Mind"
Gas Belle - "I'll Sing This Song" from "Number 2"
John Cozz - "Yellow Curbs//Styertowne" from "Just Existing is Okay!"
Petal Aggression - "The Red Bridge" from "The Red Bridge [single]"
Crazy & The Brains - "New Shoes" from "Xeroxxx Demos"
kate - "gamerboy2007" from "gamerboy2007 [Single]"
Shotgun Bill - "Consonant, Corona.....Corona" from "Consonant, Corona.....Corona [single]"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Myself (2014 Demo)" from "A Storage Auction in the Form of an Album (Quarantine 2020!)"
A Halo Called Fred - "Go Home Drama You're Drunk" from "Go Home Drama You're Drunk and Other Tales of Going Through Hell to Escape the Evil Monkeys"
Quality Living - "Pool smokuhss" from "Something Softly Caught Me"
The Thriller - "A Penny For Your Thoughts" from "Unsolved Misery: Widescreen Edition"
Autumn's Journey - "The 7-Eleven By Me Closed" from "doubtful (instrumental)"
Crowded Shoulders - "Holy Water" from "Holy Water [single]"
Somebody Club - "All Over Me" from "shrug emoji"
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