Broadcast live on our station 3/17/20 @ 7pm

Kellen Of Troy - "PessiMystics" from "Vanity Project"
Liza Anne - "Desire" from "Desire [single]"
The Northern Belle - "Remember It" from "Remember It [single]"
Worriers - "Enough" from "You Or Somone You Know"
Big Loser - "Helpless" from "Love You, Barely Living"
Wayward Sons - "Little White Lies" from "The Truth Ain't What It Used To Be"
Emily Rockarts - "Stay" from "Stay [single]"
Star Parks - "Ask Me" from "The New Sounds of Late Capitalism"
Pottery - "Take Your Time" from "Welcome to Bobby's Motel"
Sour Widows - "I Wanna Be Like Jonny" from "Sour Widows"
Sweet Crude - "Sun Swept" from "Sun Swept [single]"
Angelica Garcia - "It Don't Hinder Me" from "Cha Cha Palace"
Hannah Georgas - "That Emotion" from "That Emotion [single]"
Chloe Moriondo - "Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb" from "Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb [single]"
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