Broadcast live on our station 3/16/20 @ 7pm

Suntitle - "Big Jawn" from "Pure Forever"
Barbwire Roses - "Migraine" from "Migraine [single]"
Imbroglio - "Casual Vandalism" from "Imbroglio Demo"
NickyTee - "Starve" from "Diversity"
matt quinn - "i misuse" from "hubris ep"
+ + + - "Mortgage Hill" from "Campfire Songs"
AX0L0TL - "Phantom" from "The Sidewalk"
Format War - "War Room" from "Demo"
The Trust Fund Kids - "Amen Pt. 2" from "Amen Pt. 2 (Single EP)"
Rites of Springfield - "Still Drunk" from "The Hilton EP"
Radar & Satellite - "You & Me Are Dead" from "Warmer Milk"
Molly Ringworm - "No Matter What" from "Good Ol Boys"
Granite Lake - "It Followed Me Home" from "The Live EP"
Mad Love - "All That I Really Want" from "Through The Mirror"
Viator - "Don't Go Out" from "Kicking Over Tables in Camelot"
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