Broadcast live on our station 3/9/20 @ 7pm

Mother Nevada - "The Dutch" from "Realia"
Algebra II - "Burn The Page" from "Why Would Anyone Think This Goes Here?"
Levy & The Oaks - "Drag Show" from "Live From Asbury Park"
Best Hit TV - "Running Water" from "Running Water"
boxset - "years" from "KA PUNCH!"
crowded shoulders - "The Canyon" from "The Canyon [single]"
By Torchlight - "Broken Bones" from "Broken Bones [single]"
doubleshot - "Garrison" from "ilksides"
Bacon Hammer - "Leap Year" from "Leap Year [single]"
The Extensions - "Hollowed Out" from "Bellicose"
Laree Cisco - "Heaven or Hell (I Can't Tell)" from "FAWM 2020"
Dinosaur Eyelids - "Run Out" from "Sticker Famous"
Crow Gang - "Crowvember 1st" from "CROWVEMBER"
Vehicle - "I Dont Mind feat. Bernie Worrell" from "The Grease Spot"
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