Broadcast live on our station 3/3/20 @ 7pm

The Dream Syndicate - "The Regulator" from "The Universe Inside"
Loose Buttons - "You Always Look So Cool" from "Something Better"
Archers Of Loaf - "Raleigh Days" from "Raleigh Days[single]"
Ratboys - "Look To" from "Printer's Devil"
ALA.NI - "ShaLaLa" from "ACCA"
EOB - "Shangri-La" from "Earth"
The Buttertones - "Jazzhound" from "Jazzhound"
High Waisted - "Boys Can't Dance" from "Boys Can't Dance [single]"
Delanila - "The Philosopher" from "The Philosopher [single]"
Spinning Coin - "Ghosting" from "Hyacinth"
Charlie Parr - "On Stealing A Sailboat" from "Charlie Parr"
Hammell - "Not Aretha's Respect (Cops)" from "party 4 peace"
Nat Freedberg - "Ain't Nothing Sacred No More" from "Record Number Three"
Waxahatchee - "Lilacs" from "Saint Cloud"
Nation Of Language - "Rush And Fever" from "Rush And Fever [single]"
Purr - "Giant Night" from "Like New"
Christine and the Queens - "People, I've been sad" from "La Vit Nuova"
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