Broadcast live on our station 2/24/20 @ 7pm

Dinosaur Eyelids - "Never Leaving Here" from "Sticker Famous"
Brian Mietz - "Glue" from "Panzarotti"
Dave Mooney & Viewers Like You - "The Way Out" from "Press Start"
Andrew Dunn - "This Is My Husband's Car" from "The House Above The Factory"
Chrissy Roberts - "Rebound" from "Songs On The Fire Escape"
gold news - "State Line" from "Good Different"
Charles Only - "Bet Ya" from "One Eighty Three"
Forget The Whale - "Halfway Home" from "Take To The Skies!"
Bryan Hansen Band - "Untitled #3" from "Gas Money"
Boyfriends - "Flight of the Seagull" from "Young Uncles"
Laree Cisco - "Those Were The Days" from "FAWM 2020"
The Williamsboy - "Goodbye" from "then & Now"
Hell Planet - "Fuck" from "Golden Teacher / Fuck"
Dustin James - "Oppenheimer’s Burden" from "Pissant E.P."
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