Broadcast live on our station 2/18/20 @ 7pm

Suck Brick Kid - "How The West Was Lost" from "Salt To Taste"
Dogleg - "Kawasaki Backflip" from "Kawasaki Backflip [single]"
The Bourgeois - "Small Talk" from "Destroying My Brand"
Frazey Ford - "Motherfucker" from "U kin B the Sun"
Frances Quinlan - "Rare Thing" from "Likewise"
Caroline Rose - "Got To Go My Own Way" from "Superstar"
Coco Rosie - "Restless" from "Put The Shine On"
Thin Lear - "Maniacs" from "Wooden Cave"
Pacific Radio - "Walk Away" from "Pretty, but Killing Me - Deluxe Edition"
Television Supervision - "Cannonball" from "Waldo"
Heart Bones - "This Time It's Different" from "Hot Dish"
Wilsen - "Feeling Fancy" from "Ruiner"
The Dollyrots - "Jump Start This Heart (Acoustic)" from "Jump Start This Heart (Acoustic) [single]"
Sl0tface - "S.U.C.C.E.S.S." from "Sorry For The Late Reply"
BRKN LOVE - "Don't Panic" from "BRKN LOVE"
Drakulas - "Pretty Tommy" from "Pretty Tommy [single]"
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