Broadcast live on our station 2/17/20 @ 7pm

Brian Mietz - "Hollyweed" from "Panzarotti"
See Plus - "Broken Legs" from "Better In Person"
The Vespids - "It's Only You" from "It's Only You [single]"
Laree Cisco - "Ain't Messin' Around With You No More" from "FAWM 2020"
the imperfect - "Not Having Fun" from "At Home"
crowded shoulders - "White Owl" from "White Owl [single]"
Taking Back April - "11:53pm" from "Almost Over"
Arlan Feiles - "If I Were A Dinosaur" from "What Kind Of World?"
Tom Costello - "The Road" from "The Road"
Green Knuckle Material - "Isolate" from "Isolate [single]"
GN - "We Sink" from "Run This"
rorschach x possum in my room - "atonement" from "rodents"
Manic - "Lockbox" from "Manic EP"
Hello Whirled - "She Likes It Blue" from "Memory Lane Bombing"
Transfer Post - "Reverie" from "Reverie [single]"
Ryan Patrick - "When I Feel Like Myself Again (Live) ft. Recurve" from "Live From the Dragonfly Café"
Alec Shachtman - "For You" from "Winter Demos 2020"
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