Broadcast live on our station 2/11/20 @ 7pm

Nada Surf - "Live Learn & Forget" from "Never Not Together"
Sea Wolf - "Forever Nevermore" from "Through A Dark Wood"
the Frights - "24" from "Everything Seems Like Yesterday"
Ezra Furman - "Restless Year" from "Sex Education sdtk."
Dune Rats - "Rock Bottom" from "Hurry Up And Wait"
Church Girls - "Twin Hell Fire" from "The Haunt"
Puss N Boots - "Lucky" from "Sister"
Loving - "Simple Moon" from "If I Am Only My Thoughts"
Swim Mountain - "Youth" from "Youth [single]"
Christopher Paul Stelling - "Until I Die" from "Best Of Luck"
flor - "slow motion" from "ley lines"
Magic Waters - "Pinky Swear" from "Pinky Swear"
Jordan Mackampa - "Magic" from "Foreigner"
The Whiffs - "Throw It Away" from "Another Whiff"
The World/Inferno Friendship Society - "Looks Like Blood But It's Probably Wine" from "All Borders Are Porous To Cats"
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