Broadcast live on our station 2/10/20 @ 7pm

Bravely - "This Time Around" from "Changing"
Cherry Parke - "All Around The Moon" from "Captain Bullseye / All Around the Moon"
Sea Puppy - "The Rest Of Me" from "Look Out Below"
The Normal Living - "57 Chevy" from "57 Chevy [single]"
Forget The Whale - "Man Out Of Town" from "Man Out Of Town [single]"
The Dead Flowers - "I Don't Need (Anything)" from "The Dead Flowers"
Skyeline - "Lifeline" from "Removed"
Felinah France - "It Takes Two" from "It Takes Two [single]"
Blue Vervain - "Dreams (Fleetwood Mac cover)" from "Dreams [single]"
Rogue Soul - "Distant Memories" from "Distant Memories [single]"
Civic Mimic - "Instant Gratification" from "Demos"
Katye Kellye and the Interruption - "Heart Trouble" from "Late Bloomer"
Hello Whirled - "I Can't Stop (Holding On)" from "Beating The Heart"
Elliptical Orbits - "Open Fields" from "Open Fields"
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